Products and Services

Cutting Tools for Wood-working Industry 
ZMM Ltd keeps a wide range of its standard tools on stock. These includes HW/HS-tipped tools, cutter heads, tool systems for windows and doors production, profile and planer knives, varied HW insert knives and spare parts for the cutting tools.

 Metal-cutting Tool and Equipment for metal-cutting machines 
We offer cutters for metal, adjustable hand reamers, different live and dead centers, reducing sleeves, etc.

Tools for PVC-profile window systems 
We manufacture cutter sets: Case and Wing, for cleaning of PVC profiles after being welded, when producing windows or doors; Sets for cutting of Divider’s profile; Supporting blocks for one-, two and four-headed welding machines ; Supporting blocks for glazing beads of cutting machines.

ZMM Ltd has technological resources and know-how to provide the competent training of your team. We train your team to choose the suitable operating conditions, to adjust the tool, to measure the results and to work in safety.

We offer initial and additional adjustment of the tool on your machine, as well as initial put into operation of the tools bought from us.


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